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Shanghai's future energy development for the logistics indus

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The next 15 years, Shanghai's energy situation how? The impact of the logistics industry? February 23, "2020 Shanghai energy development strategy and energy security study" group of experts to answer this.


As Shanghai, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" a major research topic, "2020 Shanghai energy development strategy and energy security studies" pooled multi-experts at the first choice of MARKAL energy model as a tool to arrive in Shanghai and long-term energy trends. By 2010, Shanghai city and strive to build energy-saving, energy use efficiency will reach more than 45 percent; in 2020, Shanghai energy system to meet the advanced international level, further to achieve energy efficiency more than 50%. Which deserves particular attention are, in order to boost the flow of energy trading, Shanghai will take advantage of the policy advantages of bonded area and port advantage, planning and construction of the International Energy Logistics Park, the introduction of the International Energy logistics enterprises.

It is reported that for the protection of oil shipping center, Shanghai plans to build an international shipping center. With the entry and exit of the international liner and flight required a rapid increase in oil volume, Shanghai will greatly enhance the ability of the petroleum refining and expanding the scale of oil supply facilities to protect the oil "a large" is to establish the status of the central premise of conditions.

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